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Tune in to Max Out Time for a real conversation on reaching your personal goals in the gym, and also checkout FiTalk "The Podcast" on iTunes. C Marty details what it takes to get that 2019 six-pack, and how to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle into the future.

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Tune into Max Out Time for a conversation examining amateur athletics + the struggles of one of the top basketball programs in the country through a weekly docuseries entitled #RUNTHISTOWN with Mr. ‘More Than Basketball’ himself.

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Listen, only on Max Out Time, to an exclusive interview with Jeremiah Pierre and Victor Jimenez of the winning team. We discussed practicing for the Geo Championships, visiting Nat Geo and helping the earth’s ecosystems.

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This week on Max Out Time: three-time Olympic medalist (Winter, Bobsled), two-time world champion and the newest president of Women’s Sports Foundation, Elana Meyers Taylor, discusses using sports as a vehicle for success, dreaming about being an Olympic athlete and continuing to leave a lasting legacy.

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Second year NFL defensive back, Rashard Fant, discusses dealing with injuries, mental health and depression and his struggles in making it to the league.

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The fearless Akela Lacy dissects our nation's government and political systems on this week's episode of Max Out Time.

The Intercept reporter, who covers Capitol Hill and a wide variety of cultural and social topics, explains state and local level elections, Congressional legislation and who the most prominent lawmakers are.

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