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Walters is History In The Making

26 min

Ever felt like your local politicians were out of touch with society? Have you just wanted someone who could empathize with the common folk?


Hashim Walters, the voice of the millennials, is the perfect solution to these issues in politics today. This recent graduate of Birmingham Southern College just declared his candidacy to run for Mayor of New Orleans, and he is ready to shock the world.


Join this week's episode of Max Out Time featuring Hashim '4 the people, 4 the culture, '4 mayor.'' Tune in as we explore Walters’ plans for the NOLA, which are deeply rooted within repairing the city 12 years after Hurricane Katrina.


Here he is, the viral sensation, on a special edition phone conversation w/AJ II.


Like, retweet and share @Hashim4Mayor and his story! Spread the word to friends, family and colleagues in New Orleans. We gotta get him in; there is no excuse.


If you are with me in supporting Walters' campaign, share this podcast episode with your networks. For more voting information, please visit

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