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She Inspires

Black Girls Rock because of people like ScholarCHIPS Founder and Executive Director, Yasmine Arrington. After losing her mother and seeing her father in prison for most of her life, Yasmine began a nonprofit organization to aid children with incarcerated parents in their pursuits of higher education.

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Opening Hollywood's Doors For Us

From Netflix's Emmy award-winning limited series When They See Us to portraying Walter Plowden in the first biopic about Harriet Tubman, 2019 has been Hunter's breakout year. For more on Hunter, follow him on social media @henry_hunter__hall

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Reclaiming The City

Darius Butler was proclaimed the ‘real’ wheelchair jimmy, and now he sets out to sell as many records as his Degrassi doppelgänger, Drake, one day. Faced with life-threatening circumstances after being shot five times leaving a house party in 2008, Butler launched his solo rap career and clothing label 13 Wheels.

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Shlouuu So Crazy

This week on Max Out Time: Retired NFL cornerback turned internet comedian, the hilariously funny Lou Young III, a.k.a. Shleve Harvey, discusses his relationship with comedy legend Steve Harvey, being ‘more than an athlete’ and fatherhood.

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Controlling The Narrative

Join this week’s episode of Max Out Time for a conversation with SAG Actor Maxwell Whittington-Cooper on Black male representation in the media, mentorship in the entertainment industry and the overall importance of the groundbreaking, Emmy award-winning, film When They See Us.

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Adapting To The New Normal

This week on Max Out Time: “The QuickSilva Show” Executive Producer and WKYS 93.9 radio personality, Leah A. Henry, discusses working during the coronavirus global pandemic.

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