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Our Black Is Beautiful 

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In the U.S. we only get 28 official days to celebrate the wonderful feats of Black and Brown people each year. In honor of Black History Month and Black Lives across the globe, this bonus episode brings us what it’s like to be Black—not only in America, but, more specifically, abroad.

Amara Nwosu is an award-winning, self-taught photographer and filmmaker celebrating the lives of melanated folks across the spectrum. Through her media platform Melanin Unscripted, Amara directed and executive produced the YouTube sensation “Black in Tokyo,” which documents five unique characters who are integrated in Japanese culture.

So what does it mean to be Black in the U.S., Africa, and even Asia? Tune into episode 11 of Max Out Time for this phone broadcast about blurring racial lines, exploring race relations and embracing the culture—all of Black culture.

For more on Amara and Melanin Unscripted, please follow @AmaraWorldwide and @MelaninUnscripted. Be sure to also check out Black in Tokyo on YouTube with over 495,000 views in its first three months!

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