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Capturing The Moments

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37 min

If 2017 taught anyone how to shoot their shot, it would be Bleacher Report Social Moments Associate Editor Martell Pegues. He used Twitter and social networking to land his ‘dream job.’


Martell is a former sports writer for the Washington Informer and the creator of, but his best creations are gifs (like gift but drop the t). Perhaps anything is possible when you stay in your future boss’ mentions with potential content, or build mentorships with your idols through direct messaging.


Join episode nine of Max Out Time to hear Martell’s wisdom and guidance for the social butterfly in us all. We discuss the evolution of Facebook, the top five Twitter users in pro sports and the meaning behind Bleacher Report’s ‘social moments’ phrase.


For more information on Martell please follow him on social media @Martemar_ or @BleacherReport.

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