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Impossible Is Nothing

Imagine having your own dorm room at 13, being the youngest to pledge a 100-year-old fraternity at 16 and receiving your Master’s Degree at 17 while your closest friends are still scrambling for their junior prom dates.


Can't wrap your head around this unlikely series of feats? Well, look no further than Ty Hobson-Powell from Washington, D.C. He is living proof of sports apparel manufacturer Adidas’ slogan: 'Impossible Is Nothing.'


Please join this episode's discussion with 'Shimmying Ty' on achieving your dreams, the Historically Black College and University (HBCU) experience and also Washington D.C. sports.


If you wish to continue following Hobson-Powell's journey through Law School, please add him on Twitter and Instagram @tyhobsonpowell.

33 min

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