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Reclaiming The City

32 min

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Darius Butler was proclaimed the ‘real’ wheelchair jimmy, and now he sets out to sell as many records as his Degrassi doppelgänger, Drake, one day.


Faced with life-threatening circumstances after being shot five times leaving a house party in 2008, Butler launched his solo rap career and clothing label 13 Wheels.


Still repping Uptown D.C. with his 8 year-old daughter and family, this stay-at-home-dad stays producing music ‘for the city.’ Season 2 of Max Out Time kicks off with the local rap artist’ take on gogo, mumbo sauce and the former club scene down by the Zanzibar.


For more on Darius please follow him @Dalegendariusbutler on IG and @Finesser_X on Twitter. 

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