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Breaking Boxing's Barriers

35 min

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"This is a man’s world,"- The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.

If former IFBA Junior Featherweight Champion Lisa ‘Too Fierce’ Foster (now Cohen) heard you utter these infamous yet taboo lyrics, Momma Lisa might say ‘knock you out.’


The first female boxing champ out of D.C. brought the scoop straight to the set while she promoted her book and community activism in addition to talking a little hand to hand combat.


Please join this week’s edition of Max Out Time With AJ II discussing women’s empowerment and bridging the wage gap in professional sports plus the keys to properly placing your wagers on the marquee ‘boxing’ event of the year.


You can purchase a copy of Cohen’s memoir Being Too Fierce, One Woman’s Incredible Journey from Foster Child to World Championship Boxer in stores now. For more information on Cohen’s advocacy in the community, please visit

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