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Meet Them At The Barre

Black women are missing at fitness studios within the District of Columbia, but Side Barre DC is re-writing the narrative. Maya Dennis, Jillian Carter and Alexis Miller, three professionally trained black ballerinas, use their expertise in dance to provide weekly stretch, cardio and strength training at the barre!

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New Year, New Habits, New Lifestyle

Mr. “Less Brunches More Crunches” is a premier personal trainer in the DMV area, who trains dozens of clients in his pursuit of making this world a healthier place. C Marty Fit is building his brand out at Gold’s Gym in Capitol Heights, Maryland and all across the country through his fun but rigorous training regimen.

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Boxing To The Beat

This week on Max Out Time: Angela Jennings and Reggie Smith, co-founders of BOOMBOX Boxing Club, DC’s first boutique boxing studio, discuss their new-age boxing gym just steps from Washington Nationals Park.

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