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He's A Survivor

You won’t meet a brighter young man with a million-dollar smile, who is one month out of remission, so tune in to the latest episode of Max Out Time for a conversation on the Team Isiah Foundation, life after cancer and Isiah’s message for those fighting the good fight.

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Be The Bold

Launching in July, 2018, Bold Xchange looks to be the leading source of black outerwear online. Tune in to the latest episode of Max Out Time as we discuss their favorite brands and the importance of supporting black business.

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Paying Attention To Your Brand

This week on Max Out Time: Award-winning tech philosopher, brand consultant and author, Alex Wolf, discusses how her brand’s meteoric rise helped her transition into brand marketing and product strategizing.

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Somos Iguales

On this episode of Max Out Time, Harvard grad and former president of La Organización De Puertorriqueños en Harvard, Raquel Navarro, and I bring you an in-depth discussion on the hurricane’s effects on the Puerto Rican government, infrastructure, and most importantly its citizens, some still without power.

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Navigating Greatness

Listen, only on Max Out Time, to an exclusive interview with Jeremiah Pierre and Victor Jimenez of the winning team. We discussed practicing for the Geo Championships, visiting Nat Geo and helping the earth’s ecosystems.

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Time's Up Now

Please join episode 10 of Max Out Time for a deeper dive into women’s rights and sexual misconduct across all industries. We discuss the benefits and drawbacks of taking one’s talents overseas, the #Oprah2020 movement, pressing forward and speaking out after assault and more.

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Love1 LoveAll

17-year-old community activist and entrepreneur, RuQuan Brown, started Love1, a clothing line to help end gun violence, after losing both his step dad and teammate to fatal shootings.

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