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Prailow is a recent Ivy League graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, who turned his life completely around when a few run-ins with the law forced him to use education as his tool for success.


Imagine having your own dorm room at 13, being the youngest to pledge a 100-year-old fraternity at 16 and receiving your Master’s Degree at 17 while your closest friends are still scrambling for their junior prom dates.


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Breaking Boxing’s Barriers

"This is a man’s world,"- The Godfather of Soul, James Brown.  If former IFBA Junior Featherweight Champion Lisa ‘Too Fierce’ Foster (now Cohen) heard you utter these infamous yet taboo lyrics, Momma Lisa might say ‘knock you out.’

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Walters Is History In The Making

Hashim Walters, the voice of the millennials, is the perfect solution to these issues in politics today. This recent graduate of Birmingham Southern College just declared his candidacy to run for Mayor of New Orleans, and he is ready to shock the world.

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Black Girls Rock because of people like ScholarCHIPS Founder and Executive Director, Yasmine Arrington. After losing her mother and seeing her father in prison for most of her life, Yasmine began a nonprofit organization to aid children with incarcerated parents in their pursuits of higher education.

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NBA legend Grant Hill said sports are a microcosm of life. Whether it’s through his stockpile of "how-to" blog posts or connecting student-athletes with resources to succeed off the court, author and entrepreneur Malcolm Lemmons provides us with microcosms everyday.

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